Thursdays in October – 4pm – 5pm
Moksha Yoga St. Catharines

In these 60 minute sessions you can expect an introduction to Desire Mapping and a yoga practice to encourage going deep to explore how you really want to feel. If you already have experience Desire Mapping you are also welcome. This work is always evolving and you can expect to go even deeper into your desires. The room will be warm from the daytime classes and the heat turned on when we start our yoga practice. Don’t expect it to be super sweaty Moksha class, but the rise in temperature may have you sweating a little. I highly recommend attending all 4 sessions, each one will build on the previous, but you can also come to 1, 2 or 3. I get it, sometimes this is what life allows, so you can roll with that and feel good about making it when you do. I will be making the work accessible so no one will feel like they are lost or behind.

💜 The most important thing you’ll need to bring to each session is your beautiful self with your heart & mind open.
💜You’ll need a membership or pass for MYStC.
💜Your yoga mat & towel (rentals available at the studio).
💜 A journal & pen, if you have the Desire Map book or workbook you can bring that too/instead.
💜 Water, in a reusable bottle please. It would be lovely to keep plastic water bottles out of the experience. The studio has filtered water and you can refill as much as you need.

Find me in the studio or on facebook @TracyDuru or instagram @Tracy.Duru if you have any questions.

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