_d9a8146I’ve got a fire in me to serve & I’m on a mission to grow to my highest potential. I spent a lot of time fighting this, going in the other direction, down, so I’ve hit some hard bottoms. In the words of Maya Angelou “Wouldn’t take nothing from my journey now”. From barely surviving to thriving, guided by how I want to feel. It’s awesome.

I am a dog lover, people lover, yoga lover, dance lover, art lover, book lover, earth lover, chocolate lover, wine lover, body lover, lover lover. I live in St. Catharines, Ontario. I am the founder and co-owner of Moksha Yoga St. Catharines where I teach Moksha Yoga and Revkor, and am supported by an incredible team of teachers and staff that support a growing and beautiful community. I am an official Desire Map Facilitator and lead yoga classes, workshops and retreats inspired by The Desire Map.