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With the right strategies
go from email stage fright
to sending your name in lights

I’ll show you just how to write email sequences so you don’t have to hide your star qualities anymore

You’ve been so focused on the business that there’s been no time for something you know works…

Email marketing.

If you’re like most of my clients, you want to use email but don’t have time to take the DIY approach and figure this whole marketing thing out on your own.

A copywriting mentor who makes writing emails fast and easy
(no matter how overwhelmed you are)

You, my love, are ready to work with a copywriting mentor to upgrade your email sequences.

My past clients have achieved incredible results, such as…

  • Finally feeling confident in their ability to produce kick ass email copy
  • Crafting multiple sequences for their services and programs based on the framework of their upgraded sequence
  • A deeper understanding of their specific customers

A professional copywriting service might feel a bit ‘coachella headliner’ for your business, but here’s the truth

Even if it doesn’t feel like it yet, I know a star is (about to be) born. 

Sitting at my Macbook Air, sippin’ on my version of a bulletproof coffee,  I show you how to optimize your email copy to get more opens, replies and BUYS.

This is a professional copywriting service you can use to refresh your copy AND learn essential email copywriting techniques to use forever and ever, AMEN. 

  • Make a beeline to emails you’re proud to send
  • Gain copy skills you’ll build on with every new email you write
  • See realtime over the shoulder edits that will give you a fresh perspective on your approach
"I knew if anyone could help me move in the direction I wanted to go it would be Tracy. She has taught me a whole new strategy about email marketing."
Amy Garcia-Baker
Business Owner

Because you should be going on tour, travelling to your fans inboxes, with all you know about modern wellness

I get you may have never worked with a tour manager copywriter before and the investment feels like it’s just outside your comfort zone. 

That’s why, with me as your Email Spotlight Operator, you get: 

  • Prep outline & questionnaire before we start
  • 1:1 Consultation throughout the process
  • Updated copy with notes (cheat sheets for the future)


The Email Spotlight Session is perfect for you if you’re a: 

Wellness Entrepreneur

You’re a business owner and a goddess, doing too many jobs in between your guided meditations and trying to finally get to that yoga class. You’re ready to craft and upgrade sequences that get sent while you savasana.

Course Creator

You’re a course creator that’s ready to launch. You’ve written your promo, onboarding and show up sequences all while keeping up with the breath work and forest baths. You know you’ve done great work, but you could use a second set of eyes and a few tweaks.

"Tracy's skilled and a pleasure to work with. She shows up fully and does what she says she's going to do—which can be a rare quality with service providers. Tracy comes with Tarzan's stamp of approval!"
Tarzan Kay
Launch Strategist, Copywriter, Educator

The Investment

Email Spotlight Sessions  start at $297

This service is perfect for you if you’re not ready to have your copy done for you. You’ll save time and money and your sanity. Professional copywriting services that fit your cost and comfort. 

Need copy from scratch? Check out the Backstage Email Crew package. 

Let’s dial back that shame and up your copy confidence 

Snag your spot in my calendar for a free consultation while it’s available.

Before we meet, look me up.

This yoga-teacher-turned-copywriter channels warrior pose in email copy to help wellness entrepreneurs craft sequences that fill up their courses and workshops with students they love.

My background as a yoga studio owner & years in service has cultivated my #1 super power. I create a space where you feel seen, heard and understood so you can finally operate beyond the fears that have been holding you back.